“Chairsyde has proved to be an invaluable addition to my workflow and I’ve used it on an almost daily basis since starting. I was initially worried about the animations being too time-consuming in a fast-paced NHS environment. But the clear-cut and simple style of all the animations has actually ended up saving me time in comparison to relying on verbal communication only. The animations are easily comprehensible to a layman. I’ve had a number of patients comment on how they never really understood what was going on when they go to the dentist but the Chairsyde animations make both the diagnosis and the treatment options much more comprehensible for the patients. Since each animation is recorded I feel less anxious about the risk of litigation as these recordings aid as proof that all treatment options were discussed with the patient. The team is very supportive and responds quickly to any queries. I would highly recommend Chairsyde to any dentists who care about effective communication and reducing litigation risk”.

Dr. Cecil Watson