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Chairsyde is an award-winning consultation platform created by dentists to revolutionise your chairside experience

What is Chairsyde?

Chairsyde is a state-of-the-art consultation platform helping dentists to boost case acceptance by enhancing patient understanding, informed consent, and risk mitigation using patient-friendly dental animations and contemporaneous tracking.

Recognised and recommended by dental industry leaders

Winner of Innovation of the Year 2021

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Boost your case acceptance by helping patients visualise their treatment options

Help your patients visualise their conditions, treatment options and risks in a way they can understand using animations, annotations and your personal portfolio.

Better understanding empowers your patients to confidently and voluntarily make informed decisions, build trust and increase goodwill.

Shared decision-making and trust in the treatment selection process can increase case acceptance and improve treatment outcomes.

Sitting in the chair and watching in real-time on a large video screen, the dentist indicating in my mouth what he is planning to do was my first experience of new ways in which Sunninghill Dental Practice exploits the facilities of new technology.  It provided me with an understanding of my treatment and made me feel included in the process rather than being the captive specimen. We live in an age of video technology. If a “picture is worth a thousand words” then a video must be worth a million words.

- Mike Ambrose, patient

Do what you do best, with peace of mind.
Mitigate risk like never before.

“Chairsyde has many applications and its content and design help to address many aspects of patient communication, consent, record keeping, and clinical risk management. A lot of dentolegal cases identify shortcomings in one or more of these areas. The functionality of the Chairsyde consultation platform should significantly drive down the risks associated with these shortcomings.”

– Raj Rattan, MBE, Dental Director at Dental Protection.

All chairside consultations and case acceptance are digitally tracked in real-time for record keeping.

Post-consultation summaries, including animations, are instantly sent to patients for review at their convenience.

Voluntary treatment selection, case acceptance and real time digital tracking of consultations help mitigate risk.

Managing patients, achieving targets, and following compliance such as record keeping adds to the pressures of being a dentist.  Chairsyde has helped me reduce these stresses significantly. My communication with patients, in achieving patient understanding and consent, has transformed my dentistry. Being able to visually show patients their conditions and treatment options, whilst communicating with them for consent via email is fantastic. Chairsyde also helped to increase my treatment uptake and I have now subscribed to all of my 5 practices.
- Dr Shane Patel, Practice Partner, Quality Dental Group

Revolutionise your chairside experience:
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Educate Patients

Improve your patient’s understanding of their conditions, treatment options, and risks using your favourite animations, annotations and portfolio of images.

Empower Decision-Making

Empower your patients by discussing treatment options jointly to confidently make informed decisions, build trust and increase goodwill.

Instantly Send Summaries

Instantly send post-consultation summaries including animations to help your patients voluntarily select the best treatment in line with their values and goals. 

Boost Case Acceptance

Increase your case acceptance and revenue by helping patients understand, providing a detailed treatment plan, addressing concerns, and building trust for better treatment outcomes.

Track Consultations

Track your chairside consultation and post-consultation summaries in real-time, creating an audit trail of your patient journey confirming shared decision-making.

Mitigate Risk

Improve your patient’s understanding and empower them to make informed decisions, along with a real-time audit trail to help mitigate risk.

Chairsyde allows us to better educate patients on their oral health and dental treatments with the use of easy-to-understand videos. Treatment uptake has risen and patients feel much more well-informed about their treatment. We cannot recommend Chairsyde enough. If you are struggling with patient communication, need an educational tool, or simply want to improve your patient’s journey, Chairsyde is the panacea!
- Dr Amira Mathew, Principal Dentist, Edmonton Village Dental

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